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how crates on skates works?

We rent clean, heavy duty plastic moving crates and wheels. You simply order online and we deliver the crates to you. When you are done, we pick them up. No buying cardboard and tape that you will throw away.Save time, money and be eco-friendly.

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About our crates

Delivery and Pick-Up in Travis, Williamson and Hays counties.

Why Rent Plastic Moving Crates?

Plastic moving crates eliminate the need to worry about buying, assembling and disposing of cardboard boxes. This alone will reduce the personal time you will invest in moving. Also, our crates can be stacked, saving space and allows you to get your belongings into the smallest amount of space possible. Our crates are affordable, durable, reliable and provide simplicity and convenience for your move.
Deciding to rent plastic moving crates versus buying cardboard is a decision that will make your move much easier. Our environmentally-friendly plastic moving crates are the best option for any kind of move. We will deliver to your door and pick them up at your new location once you’re done with them.

Flexible, Customizable, Convenient Solutions:

Our crates come in two sizes that fit most household items – big or small. We also offer custom packages to make sure you get what you need. And, you get to choose when we deliver and pick-up our crates.
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Need help with a custom package ?
Call or Email Us for a Quote

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Delivery and pick-up in the greater austin area*